Searching, Talent selecting & Headunting

We give service in the client requiring  levels:

Searching and Talent selecting and Headunting

  • Profile analysis and salarie vs market.
  • Understanding of the Area necessities.
  • SLA establishment.
  • Searching, Talent selecting and Interview Logistics.

Service can include:

  • Psychometric aplications,competition and technical exams.
  • Selection interviews by competition (english or spanish).
  • Validation of labor references.

Position levels:

Administrative Positions , Especialized Eengerings, Middle Managers, Headquarters, Gerency, Direction and High Direction.


Automotive (OEMS, Tier 1), Radio & TV, IT, Aeronautic Pharma, Services, Bank & Finance, Logistics, Energy, Transport, among others.

Client Metrics: a vital point during the processes in maintaining the client informed at all time of the searching stages through process controls such as:


At the very beginning Benchmark, Service Process Competition Analysis.

Time measurements in:

  • Open Position reception and validation of necessities vs profile.
  • Validation with HR area for candidate presenting.
  • Candidate presenting for feedback for HR (this stage could be repetitive).

Being hired and post tracking:

Validation and acceptance of the proposed candidate contact 1 to 3 months after to know the employee´s satisfaction level.