Outsourcing Service

MACH GROUP MX: Outsourcing services and outsourced staff.

LEGAL & LABORAL CERTAINTY, A MUST: Our principal objective is the tranquility of our clients and employees counting in all moments with required and corresponding information of our own employer obligations on our website.

ONLINE Information: Through our cloud tools we provide the solutions you need:

  • Employee: web consulting of your tickets, formats induction, online courses among others.
  • Enterprise: Metrics, employee tickets, files, employer obligation payments independent to the established applications by the competent authorities where they can consult in all moments the MACH GROUP MX fulfillment.

We cover your administration necessities of the staff including all your rubrics.

  • Talent searching and selecting.
  • Candidate offer.
  • Induction of their own labor condition, contract, IMSS, Infonavit, Afore, direct line employee and Client introduction (if needed).
  • Staff hiring under client control and case file for digitalization. Personalized client and employee attention.
  • Labor relationship ending terminations according to the LFT and the existing contract between both signed parts.
  • We manage your staff in our payroll for the required time, if it´s in a determined time, training, project (determined project) or fixed (work plant).
  • Our services give us the alternative of hiring our employees under the wages and benefits that the client decides to provide just like the risky job that must be depending its activity and labor location.