How do we retain talent /outsourced people?

Talent retention plans: UNIQUE and FREE benefits for the employee/enterprise.


  • Operative level and Employee Benefits: we count with established partnerships with leadering companies that provides in auto service stores, school materials among others just like life insurance. Discount planning for finishing their high school studies online with the preferential costs, saving found money loans among others.
  • Administrative levels and employee benefits: discount in more than a thousand national establishments, discounts on medical services, LABS, according with the insurers that provides preferential taxes in life insurance services, car insurance such as medical necessities for the employee.
  • Management and Managerial level: In addition to the benefits of administrative level will have health insurance.


Searching and Talent Outsourcing: NOT all the tools are for all the labor levels at MACHGROUP MX we know that in every moment we must have the accurate talent for each open position transmitting to the candidate form the first instance the clarity of the open position to cover, the type of contract, salary and benefits with the objective of the candidate being totally convinced about working, being a happy employee and having a happy employer.


  • Operative Level: we count with the necessary tools for getting the candidate and getting it to our client with the objective of supporting him in the hiring process, some of our tools are vans for massive processes, peripheral, flying, posting remote recruiting modules and social media among others. We create dedicated teams, which allows us to have a total effectiveness avoiding leading the headhunter to work for different clients and allowing us to have more crystal clear objectives for medics and bonuses. Our staff is expert in this type to searching process
  • Administrative levels, middle managers: the searching process is by using all of our available tools in the market from state employment services, websites and social media adapting our process for what the client requires like basic filters for the operation.
  • Management and Managerial level: the searching process is made by experienced executives in levels of high management and directives which is totally Headhunting, where we can apply the required exams to our clients such as the background check at national or international required ratio.